About Bopping Events

Hi, I’m Polly Thatcher, aka “Bopping Pol”

I started ‘Bopping Parties’ to create bespoke disco parties for pre-school children 0-5s and school aged children 5-12 years to provide quality fun, dance and play parties. At our parties there will be some great funky tunes spanning the decades, disco lights, bubbles, dance activities and games, musical instruments and dancing props, prizes plus lots of creative play and dance moves. Bopping Parties are bespoke disco parties tailored for children aged 2-12 years.

Music and exercise is beneficial to children and adults; in fact all generations and Bopping Babies parties will allow children to burn off excess energy, improve their physical tone and co-ordination and most of all boost their confidence when dancing alongside their peers.

The volume of the music played at Bopping Parties won’t be too loud and certainly not harmful to little ear drums so please rest assured. There will be bubbles which will be the focal point and the children will love dancing and catching the bubbles to the music.

Hope to entertain you soon!

Bopping Pol (Mummy to Rowan, 11 and Millie, 9 and Dominic, 4)

Call with any type of enquiry on 0118 9771917 or 07757593840